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April 1 & August 1 As needed per label recommendation for infested plants Types of Insecticides:
  • Spray on Foliage
  • Insecticidal Soaps
  • Oils
  • Liquid Sevin
  • Malithion
  • Orthene - Systemic


May 1 & August 1
Dogwoods & Pine Trees - BoresMay 1
Crape Myrtle - AphidsWhen Visible
Purple Leaf Plum, Flowering Cherry, Japanese Maple - Japanese Beetles

Recommended Insecticides:
  • Leaf Chewing Insects: Liquid Sevin
  • Bores: Termite 38
* Spray insecticides as needed

Insects Common to Area
Azalea Lace Bug, Caterpillar, Red Spider, Mite
Camellia Scale
Japanese Holly Red Spider, Mite
American Holly Grasshopper
Gardenia White Fly
Pyracantha Red Spider, Mite
Dogwood Bores
Pine Tree Bores

Pre-emmergent Herbicides
Erosion Control
Water Features
Garden Steps
Residential Landscaping
Stacked Stone

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